Booking a Holiday, Ferries, Hotels or making other
Travel Arrangements online
What Can Go Wrong?
When travel arrangements are disrupted for whatever reason it can be very frustrating and it is understandable that some people become angry. All holiday arrangements rely on every element of the planned program knitting together seamlessly. However, it just takes one delayed service or cancellation for the whole chain of events to be disrupted.

If you have booked each element of your touring holiday yourself direct with each of the various service providers, it can be very time consuming to make all the 'down-line' itinerary adjustments required while you are on holiday or in transit. It could also mean that you will not be able to re-claim the cost of other bookings affected by the initial disruption.

A ferry cancellation, a delayed flight or a hotel denying your reservation on arrival and the consequential effects upon all other booked services down-the-line can ruin any holiday.

How To Avoid Holiday Blues
It is for this reason that it makes sense to book all your holiday and/or travel arrangements with a 'single point of contact' experienced, fully registered local travel agency.

All our clients receive a 24/7 telephone backup in English, so if anything goes wrong at any stage or you need help, we are always available to help you.

As your booking agent we of course have no control over the operations provided by the various transport companies and hotels. We do however have the expertise and knowledge to speak with them on your behalf, especially where language difficulties arise, and to re-arrange your program using the 'next best' alternatives.

Hotel Rearrangements
If your itinerary includes multiple hotel bookings it is very difficult to make changes to reservations if you decide to extend your stay at one or more locations. By making all your reservations through us just one phone call is all that is required for us to make all the necessary adjustments with all the hotels involved.

How To Minimize Disruption Costs
Inevitably, any disruption to the planned program is likely to incur additional costs. We endeavor to minimize or even avoid wherever possible any consequential costs caused by delays. Our longstanding relationship with all the transport companies and hotels often results in cancellation charges either being waived or at least reduced.

Get Insured
Lastly, even with our 'one call, backup service', be sure to take out holiday insurance that adequately covers you for not only delays and disruption, but also for the cost of consequential effects.
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