Where is Aegean Tour Travel?

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Whatever the back story to the global CoVid19 experiment, the net effect on our business following the collapse of international tourism to Turkey was the suspension of our high street travel shop business and the dismantling of our online travel agency websites.

We are able however to continue with a limited service for Domestic Excursions in Turkey.

Well perhaps we'll never know how or why the so-called CoVid19 pandemic came about. Though given the current level of human expertise in the fields of bio-chemistry and genetic engineering, it's difficult not to come to the conclusion that the pandemic was created by irresponsible human beings, for whatever reason, and possibly released by mistake or more sinisterly, by design.

We established ouy company Aegean Tour Travel in 1997, one of the first online travel agencies in Turkey, if not the world. We expended a considerable amount of effort developing working models using new business techniques required in order to take full advantage of the fledgling medium of the Internet and the tenuous uptake by the public of home computers.

We welcomed the challenges presented and adapted with enthusiasm to the technological changes that took place in the early days as the system evolved. The net result was a thriving and successful business that spanned over twenty five years dealing with every aspect of tourism in Turkey and Greece.

We take this opportunity to thank all the clients who supported us over the years, without whom we would not have been so successful.

So What Came Next?

Following the demise of Aegean Tour Travel, it made sense to pursue another line of business, less commercial and more charitable whenever possible. By chance, in 2002 we had purchased a twenty-two hectare Olive Grove just eight kilometers from our home that over the years has provided us with a moderate crop of oil producing olives,

Fraseris Olıve Garden Retreat -mountaın-vıew
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Our travel agency business commitments took most of our time and our olive trees didn't receive as much care and attention as they deserved. However, that all changed when we decided to develop the grove and started the development of a Yoga and Meditation Retreat.

In July 2020 the initial works were commenced on the site, first we drilled a well for water which we found at a depth of 240 meters. We were now able to commence the construction of a natural stone boundary wall that incorporated a two storey stone tower for a site office and water depot next to the main entrance.

Our olive trees must have appreciated the care and attention we were now giving them; they rewarded us with a crop of olives in 2020 that produced oil of a quality that was awarded a Gold Medal at the Olive Fair in the regional capital of Mugla,

By July 2021 we had also completed the construction of two 'forest' houses for guest accommodation and a ninety square meter Yoga Studio. In tandem with the construction works we completed a considerable amount of landscaping works including the planting of more olive trees and many fruit trees. Our vegetable gardens have also made us almost self sufficient in vegetables.

In addition to the work carried out by our builders, we owe a special gratitude to the many 'WorkAway' volunteers who came to us from all over the world and helped us not only with their labors and suggestions, but with their very presence. During the early stages of the projects development our requirements were for volunteers interested in construction works, cooking and gardening, but as the the site has developed we encouraged volunteers also interested in marketing and social media promotion.

Our retreat serves only vegan and vegetarian meals and encourages healthy eating as part of our nutrition program.


We're open for all peaceful visitors..

Our retreat is now open to anyone seeking some respite from the madness currently circling the world, whether it's to join one of our alternative therapy courses, to learn the principles of meditation, to take part in a 'self-discovery' (shh) Silent Retreat, or to just relax for a day or two, (or more).

We even have an 'Indoctrination Detox' program, recommended for everyone, irrespective of whichever country you were 'programmed' in.

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