We're sorry to report that Aegean Tour Travel is no longer operating.

Following the closing of Aegean Tour Travel, we decided to pursue the Wellness part of our travel business, to become less commercial and to support local charities whenever possible. By chance, in 2002 we had purchased a twenty-two hectare Olive Grove just eight kilometers from our home in the hillside village of Comlekci, (Chomlekchi),

So we decided to develop our Olive Grove into a meditation and Wellbieng Center.. After 15 months of hard work by a team of tradesmen and volunteers we opened our new hillside Yoga and Meditation Retreat set among 600, now very happy, olive trees.

The Fraser's Olive Garden retreat was establisshed, the full website is HERE.

We welcome everyone who is aware that there is something missing in their life and is looking to improve their lifestyle. This goal can be acheived through the disciplines embodied in the practices of Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Discipline, in coordination with other healing therapies.

In July 2020 the initial works were commenced on the site, first we drilled a well for water which we found at a depth of 240 meters. We were now able to commence the construction of an 850 meter natural stone boundary wall that incorporated a two storey stone tower for a site office and water depot next to the main entrance.

Our olive trees must have appreciated the care and attention we were now giving them; they have rewarded us several crops of olives that have produced oil of a quality that was awarded a Gold Medal at the Olive Fair in the regional capital of Mugla.

During the first 18 months we completed the construction of three 'forest' houses for guest accommodation and a ninety square meter Yoga Studio. In tandem with the construction works we completed a considerable amount of landscaping works including the planting of fifty more olive trees and a variety of fruit trees. Our vegetable gardens have also made us almost self sufficient in vegetables.

In addition to the work carried out by our tradesmen, we owe a special gratitude to the many 'WorkAway' volunteers who came to us from all over the world (despite the punitive lockdown restrictions) and helped us not only with their labors and suggestions, but with their very presence. During the early stages of the projects development our requirements were for volunteers interested in construction works, cooking, domestic works and gardening, but as the the site has developed we encouraged volunteers also interested in marketing, website  and social media promotion.

Our retreat serves only vegan and vegetarian meals using our ownn and locally sourced vegetables and we encourage healthy eating as part of our nutrition program.


We're Open For All Peaceful Visitors..

Our retreat is now open to anyone seeking some respite from the madness currently circling the world, whether it's to join one of our alternative therapy courses, to learn the principles of meditation, to take part in a 'self-discovery' Silent Retreat, (shh) or to just relax for a day or two, (or more), doing nothing but reading a book.

We even have an 'Indoctrination Detox' program, recommended for everyone, irrespective of whichever country you were 'programmed' in.

The Fraser's Olive Garden full website is HERE.

More information about the services we provide together with details of all upcoming events can be found on our social media and other platforms below:

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  • Fraser's Olive Garden Retreat..

  • Main entrance looking southeast..

  • Yoga on our top-lawn..

  • Each house has 4 twin rooms and 2 bathrooms..

Dance Therapy..


Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Why do I sometimes develop aches and pains for no apparent reason?
  • Why do I get so stressed and nervous.
  • Why do I have a tendency to get angry?

Perhaps you should consider joining one of our dance therapy programs.

It will change your lifestyle.

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Macrobiotics - Healthy Eating..


It's said, you are what you eat..

The physical body you inhabit is a precious treasure, it's home to trillions of microbes all working in unison to keep everything functioning properly.

These helpful microorganisms replenish skin cells, the lining of the gut and replace damaged and dying cells. Equally vital is their role in preventing illness.

We ingest around a million microbes in every gram of food we eat, and our diet has a direct impact on which species of microbe thrive in our gut microbiome. If we change our diet from carnivore to vegetarian, the gut bacteria changes accordingly. Junk food, poor diet and unbalanced nutrition really upset your microbiome.

The human microbiome even affects how our body smells, an army of microbes exist just to convert sweat into various odors, mostly unpleasant, that send out strong signals to those around us.

Look after your microbes.

Happy microbes will look after you.

We offer only vegetarian and vegan meals from our kitchen.

Microbes Red Heart Icon us..

For more information visit: frasersolivegardem.com

Yoga, Meditation and Breathing..

Develop a healthy body and mind..

The three disciplines of routine Yoga, Meditation and controlled breathing techniques work together to develop strong and evenly distributed muscles, a clear mind and strong lungs.

The net result is a feeling of fitness and the power and resolve to do anything you put your mind to.

Look after your body and mind.

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