Your local travel agent in Turkey from 1997 until the release of
the CoVid19 virus into the world in 2019.


Meditation Retreat and Yoga Center
 Sadly, the punitive restrictions on the movement of people around the world that resulted from the so-called CoVid19 Pandemic have forced us to close our high street travel shop and online travel agency that we established in 1997.

We would like to thank all our customers who booked their travel and accommodation through us over the years, many of whom became 'regulars' as well as friends.

Fortunately for us, fate must have forseen the impending disaster and in 2017 directed us towards expanding our developing interest in Yoga and Meditatation, at which time we set up a Yoga studio at our home in the hillside village of Comlekci and started weekly sessions for small groups.

In 2002 we purchased a 22 hectare Olive Grove which provided us with a moderate crop of olives each year which were pressed for olive oil.

Our commitments towards our travel agency business took most of our attention and the olive trees did not receive the care and attention they deserved. However, that all changed when we decided to develop the grove into a Yoga and Meditation Center.

In July 2020 we drilled a well for water which we found at a depth of 240 meters, this allowed us to commence the construction of a natural stone bounry wall that incorporated a stone two storey tower for a site office and water depot.

Our olive trees must have appreciated the care and attention we were now able to give them, they rewarded us with a corp of olives in 2020 that produced oil that was awarded a Gold Medal at the Olive Fair in the regional capitol, Mugla

By July 2021 we had also completed the construction of two 'forest' houses forguest accommodation and a 90m2 Yoga Studio. In tandem with the construction works we completed a considerable amount of landscaping works including the planting of more olive trees and many fruit trees. Our vegetable gardens have also made us almost self sufficient in vegetables.

In addition to the work carried out by our builders, we owe a special gratitude to the many '
Workaway' volunteers, from all over the world, who helped us not only with their labors and suggestions, but with their very presence.

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Your local travel agent in Turkey from 1997 until the release of the CoVid19 virus into the world in 2019.
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